A pair of semi-detached 19th century workers’ cottages on the long established family farm near Dunmore East now forms the basis of a much frequented weekend retreat for a midlands based family and friends.

The disused, but far from decrepit 150 year old structure faced South and required a Sun Room and additional accommodation.  The original fabric was restored with slates, lime render and hardwood windows.

Detached from the main block by an end glazed corridor, the “Service” Block contains the necessary facilities and fully roof glazed sun room.  Despite the northerly aspect, the sun room is flooded with light, a contrast to the darker spaces of the original block and linking together the living spaces.  The large glazed pocket screens and outer shutters slide out of sight and extend the sun room outwards.

It was decided to exploit thermal capacity of the original masonry walls and thus they were lime plastered inside and out. This aspect, coupled with a high degree of thermal insulation else where, has provided a house of comfortable and stable temperature.